This product developed by PraxisLogica IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is specifically designed for practicing lawyers to keep track of their everyday activities, client meetings, case hearings, appointments, etc. This product is available on three mediums- desktop application, web application, and android app.

  • Users can log in to their accounts from any device.
  • Data can be seamlessly synchronized across all platforms.

Firewall based on barebone hardware (Device + OS + Firewall Software)

This product is a combination of computing devices, customized operating systems, and MAC/IP based firewall, DNS server, DHCP server, and mail server.

  • The application is primarily designed for sharing multiple internet connections among computers in LAN/WIFI.
  • The mail server is configured with static IP.
  • Emails can be directly downloaded/uploaded from the device.
  • Space and delay issues can be easily resolved by this mail server.
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