After understanding the ongoing trends and market conditions, we analyzed the core functions of legal firms and developed an effective result-oriented solution in the form of a Legal Information System. The product is relevant to legal publishing firms. Product is a set of software consisting of the following features:

  • Judgment Entry and Correction – The application collects information related to judgments delivered by different courts.
  • Product Delivery Tool – This application defines the products with the facility to select judgments to be included, to create Setups for Desktop Applications for various platforms, to upload data to web server, indexing of judgments for searching, securing data before delivery.
  • Judgment Search Tool (Desktop) – This application searches judgments based on various criteria including acts, sections, topics, words and phrases, nominal, court, case numbers, parties, judges, advocates, etc.
  • Judgment Search Web – The Web-based application is beneficial to search for the judgment.
  • Judgment Search Android – This is an Android app for judgment search.
  • Sales and Licensing – This application helps to manage clients, invoices, payments, licensing.
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